Tips on How to Lose Weight Without Exercise Fast in Two Weeks

Wanting to lose those unwanted pounds you’ve gained? Thinking that it’s time to work on your weight loss goals? If you want to find out about tips on how to lose weight of 10 pounds without exercise in two weeks follow the tips in this post for guidance. Life can get hectic and it’s difficult to make time or find the energy or motivation for exercise. Luckily we’re providing you with some effective ways to lose weight without exercising.

High Protein Breakfast

Eat a high-protein breakfast. Studies have found that those who eat a hearty breakfast packed with protein sources are less likely to be hungry throughout the day. This means that they’re less likely to reach for a sugary snack bar or a starchy bagel making breakfast. Your main meal of the day while eating modest portions for lunch and dinner is one of the best-kept secrets to losing pounds quickly. Opt for lean meats, fish, nuts or eggs at breakfast and cut down on bread rice pasta and other white or refined grains.

Drink More Water

To drink lots of water staying hydrated prevent you from reaching for sugary foods and sweetened fruit juices which contain loads of sugar that can wreak havoc on your weight. Water also helps flush out toxins much easier cleansing your system and keeping metabolic processes functioning optimally. Aside from this studies have found out that people who drank water instead of sodas or juices with their meal were more likely to go for healthier choices like salads over unhealthy foods like french fries or pizza. This said drinking up is always good for you. Try to consume at least 8 glasses of water per day.

Keep Food Journal

Keep a food journal that is listing what you eat helps you keep track of what you actually eat in a day. It paints an honest picture so you can determine where you need to cut back or what types of food are the most challenging for you to give up.

Writing down foods that you shouldn’t have consumed like those three chocolate bars after lunch or the extra two slices of pizza you had for dinner can lead to quite a guilt trip. But keeping track puts things in perspective and serves as a constant motivator for eat foods that speed up metabolism. Certain foods have the ability to enhance a person’s metabolic rate especially when consumed regularly in terms of losing weight.

The foods were about to mention should be your ultimate best friends aside from being healthy to consume. They work over time by boosting metabolic speed in your body allowing calories to be burnt more easily. Among these foods are green tea, blueberries, almonds, salmon and nuts. Incorporate them regularly into your meals to reap the benefits.

Chew Food Slowly

Try some mealtime tweaks. Chew your food slowly and take your time eating. Aside from making you savor the food more eating slowly allows your brain to catch up with your gut. If you eat too fast your brain can’t keep up and only receive signals that you’re full when you’ve already gone way over the limit. In contrast when you eat slowly, your gut has enough time to tell your brain it’s fall and your brain can send the signal to you before you cross the line and overeat.

In addition plan to eat smaller meals spread out over the day. Aside from your three main meals schedule in small but filling and healthy snacks to keep you from getting hungry. To make up for those extra portions reduce the amount of food you eat during your three meals. Cut back on portions and build your main meals around a good protein source.

Again the key to losing weight doesn’t just lie in exercising. Diet is a major player that can make or break your weight. Knowing the ways to lose weight without exercise fast in two weeks can get you to your ideal weight without
physical exertion.

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